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Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel

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Page 1 of 1:    2 Items

What is Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel

The Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel is a plastic drainage channel with a shallow draft, allowing it to be used in a variety of constricted space situations caused by the limitations of the built environment or the local geography. Its compact shape means that it can fit perfectly in shallow gullies or in places where bedrock or obstacles prevent the use of a deeper drainage channel, allowing you to add drainage in places that would ordinarily be difficult to serve. It’s also made from high quality plastic that is light, tough and durable, making it perfect for heavy use even in challenging conditions.

How does Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel work?

The Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel works by conveying water from one place to another using the high-quality plastic channel, while the tough plastic mesh on top prevents debris and other potential blockages from getting caught in your drainage system. It is also designed to be buried in a variety of surfaces including earth and concrete, with the top flush with the surface and only the grate exposed, allowing the maximum amount of water flow without blockages. This product has an A15 classification, meaning that it can support a spread load of 1.5 tonnes, making it suitable for high foot traffic areas and even for areas of light vehicle traffic such as cars and motorbikes.

What is Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel used for?

Thanks to its weight load, the Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel is best suited for use in pedestrian areas such as residential areas, landscaped gardens, commercial premises and the pedestrian areas of industrial sites. It is perfect for making sure footpaths stay drained, removing unsightly puddles from gardens or eliminating standing water from other locations where it may cause damage or danger. It can also withstand limited amounts of light vehicle traffic, making it usable on residential driveways and garages too.

Measuring & Installing Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel

One of the best features of the Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel is its lightweight design, allowing it to be easy to use while also being tough and hard wearing. This means it can perform well without requiring lots of labour to install. It’s also got a simple snap-fit joining system, no fiddly fixatives like welding or glue required, so you can create systems of any size super quickly and with the minimum effort.

Other Products in the Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel Range

As well as the Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel we have other products from the range available at Drainage Channel, including the Clark-Drain B125 Drainage Channel and Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel. These are all extremely easy to combine into one system, depending on what the job needs.

Buy Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel Online UK

If you’re looking for a high quality solution to a tricky drainage problem where space is tight, the Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel is a great option on both price and performance, and has exactly the features you need to get the job done.

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