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Bielbet Low Profile Drainage Channel

Bielbet Drainage Channel A15 Bielbet Drainage Channel B125 Bielbet Drainage Channel C250
Bielbet Stainless Steel Drainage Channel Bielbet Slot Drain Bielbet Yard Drain Unit Clark-Drain Drainage Channel
Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel Clark-Drain Blockslot Drainage Channel Clark-Drain B125 Drainage Channel Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel
Deck-A-Drain Mini Profile Drainage Channel Deck-Drain Drainage Channel Fernco Storm Drain Plus Flexseal Commercial Drainage Channel
Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel Polydrain Shallow Drainage Channel PolyMax Drainage Channel D400 PolyMax Mega-Channel
Threshold Drain x 1m Aluminium Grate Threshold 100 Channel Drainage x 1m Aluminium Grate XDrain 130/80 B125 Drainage Channel x 1m Galvanised Grate
SPark 90mm Midi Drainage Channel A15 Threshold Drain Threshold 100 Drainage Channel XDrain B125 Galvanised Steel Grating

Plastic Channel Drainage UK

Here at Drainage Channel one of our most famous specialities is in plastic channel drainage, something we have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise about, as well as a large range of high quality products. Whatever your drainage needs, we’re certain to have the perfect solution to use, as well as a great range of high quality parts and accessories that you can also take advantage of to add to your system’s capabilities. Not only is our range great quality, it’s also extremely diverse, giving you lots of plastic drainage channel options when it comes to selecting the perfect solution. We have everything from heavy duty plastic channel drainage, perfect for roads and highways featuring traffic, to decorative plastic channel drainage that work best in commercial and residential settings, to specialist shallow and thin plastic channel drainage systems that are designed to be used in awkward situations where other channels wouldn’t fit.

What is plastic channel drainage?

Plastic channel drainage is a type of surface water drainage that is usually used to prevent surface water from pooling, forming puddles and causing danger and damage to buildings, vehicles and pedestrians. This water can be anything from rain water to river or stream runoff, to swimming pool water or runoff from flower beds and gardens, which is then collected and taken to a water management system to be disposed of in a drain, gully or grey water storage system. Thanks to our combined expertise of more than 50 years in a variety of areas to do with plumbing and drainage, we have created a selection of some of the best products sold by some of the best known and highest quality manufacturers in Europe, giving you an excellent selection. On top of that, we also stock a range of excellent accessories and other parts for many of our ranges, with options including extra filters and outflows to sumps and traps, so that you will always have the parts you need, whatever the job.

How does plastic channel drainage work?

There are a number of ways in which plastic channel drainage can work to keep areas free of water, and at Drainage Channel we have a great selection of options to fit a large variety of needs. Our products are designed to be largely buried in different types of substrate, including concrete, gravel and earth. The grate on top remains flush with the ground to allow water to flow inside, while keeping debris and other objects such as leaves and sticks from entering and blocking the plastic channel drainage. The type of grate and the size of channel depends on the area you’re trying to drain, and can include small and thin grates like the NDS Micro Channel that are designed to be used in constricted spaces or beside features like paths and patios, to large and higher capacity channels such as the Polymer Concrete Channel Drainage which can be used to drain problem areas of hard standing such as car parks and courtyards.

Where can I use plastic channel drainage?

Plastic channel drainage has applications in every type of construction, including residential and commercial as well as industrial and landscaping. Each product has a rating that determines how much weight it can safely carry, with lighter products being appropriate for pedestrian use while the heaviest duty products can be used even on motorways or in busy freight environments like airports and ferry terminals. Other types of plastic channel drainage are extra thin, extra shallow, extra deep or extra strong, and can be used in environments and situations that your average channel couldn’t manage, such as Linear Shower Drains. You can also choose from our exceptional range of accessories and other parts available for each product range that allow you to adapt your system to fit your needs, no matter what they are.

Drainage Channel plastic channel drainage

When you browse the plastic channel drainage available on Drainage Channel, you have peace of mind that you’re choosing from some of the best and most cost effective products on the market, hand picked by our experienced team of experts. All of our products conform to stringent British Standards and are made from high quality plastic, which won’t rust, rot or warp even after constant use in challenging conditions. That makes them a reliable choice that won’t let you down. On top of that, plastic construction is extremely light and flexible, so most products can be carried and fitted by just one person, saving on labour costs and making the job quick and easy. We also have a great range of high quality accessories and parts for many of our product ranges, giving you plenty of options when it comes to building the perfect drainage solution. For high quality at great prices, Drainage Channel is the place to be.