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Deck-Drain Drainage Channel

Available with plastic, galvanised steel and stainless steel gratings
Easy to install with click grating. No screws
Lightweight and easy to carry
Complies with and manufactured to BS EN 1433
Super flow rate with anti-silt performance from peHD material
Designed to enhance strength and eliminate damage

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Deck-Drain x 1m Plastic Grate

Deck-Drain x 1m Plastic Grate£7.63 ex. VAT£9.16 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain Junction Box Plastic Grate

Deck-Drain Junction Box Plastic Grate£7.65 ex. VAT£9.18 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain x 1m Galvanised Grate

Deck-Drain x 1m Galvanised Grate£9.03 ex. VAT£10.84 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain Junction Box Galvanised Grate

Deck-Drain Junction Box Galvanised Grate£8.04 ex. VAT£9.65 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain Accessories Bag

Deck-Drain Accessories Bag£3.75 ex. VAT£4.50 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

What is Deck-Drain Drainage Channel

The Deck-Drain Drainage Channel is a plastic drainage channel that is made from high quality plastic, which is durable and tough whilst also being light and easy to use. Its plastic construction gives it an advantage over other materials because it won’t rust, rot or warp even after prolonged use in difficult conditions, making it a long lasting and cost effective choice. It is designed to carry water from one area to another, usually a water handling system such as a drain, gully or grey water storage area, while filtering out foreign bodies and debris such as twigs or leaves.

How does Deck-Drain Drainage Channel work?

The Deck-Drain Drainage Channel is designed to be mostly buried in a variety of different substrates, such as concrete or earth, with just the grate remaining flush with the surface. This allows water to run into the drainage channel to be carried away, first passing through the grate which filters out debris to prevent it from blocking the system. This product has a high flow grate that blocks most objects but still allows water to flow quickly and easily inside, making it a high performance choice for any project. It also comes in a range that includes other parts and accessories, such as the Deck-Drain Junction Box with Plastic Grate, giving you added flexibility when it comes to deploying your drainage system.

What is Deck-Drain Drainage Channel used for?

Perfect for most projects in pedestrian areas, the Deck-Drain Drainage Channel can carry a limit of 1.5 tonnes, meaning they can stand up to even heavy pedestrian traffic and excel in areas such as paths and courtyards. This product is equally useful in residential, commercial and even industrial sites, as well as in garden and landscaping contexts. The range of options this product comes with is also useful, allowing you to have a plastic or metal grate depending on the aesthetics of your project, as well as other parts such as adaptors and end caps. You can also add junctions to your system, allowing for even greater flexibility and giving you more options.

Measuring & Installing Deck-Drain Drainage Channel

One of the great advantages of using the Deck-Drain Drainage Channel is how easy the product is to install, thanks to its lightweight construction and snap-fit design. Not only can it be installed by a minimal number of people, but it can also be easily integrated into the rest of an existing system or into an entirely new system. There are no fiddly screws to manage, and there’s no fixatives or welding to do either, so you can be up and running in no time.

Other Products in the Deck-Drain Drainage Channel Range

As well as this product, you can also find the Polymer Concrete Channel in the same range, on Drainage Channel.

Buy Deck-Drain Drainage Channel Online UK

The Deck-Drain Drainage Channel is a great choice for a number of different applications, thanks to its easy to use and flexible but high-quality design. Find yours at a great price on Drainage Channel today!

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