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Bielbet High Slot Drain

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Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm

Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm£3.50 ex. VAT£4.20 inc. VAT

Debris/Odour Trap

Debris/Odour Trap£6.95 ex. VAT£8.34 inc. VAT

Drainage Channel End Cap

Drainage Channel End Cap£2.50 ex. VAT£3.00 inc. VAT

Hi-Slot-Drain Channel Drainage x 1m

Hi-Slot-Drain Channel Drainage x 1m£11.33 ex. VAT£13.60 inc. VAT

Inline Outlet to 110mm Pipe

Inline Outlet to 110mm Pipe£2.80 ex. VAT£3.36 inc. VAT

Low Profile Channel End Cap

Low Profile Channel End Cap£2.50 ex. VAT£3.00 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

What is Bielbet High Slot Drain

The Bielbet High Slot Drain is a plastic drainage channel designed to be unobtrusive, placed mostly below the surface with only a narrow slot aperture visible above ground. The Bielbet High Slot Drain is designed to be buried particularly deep below the surface (with a 100cm upstand) so that it can be installed under surfaces with particularly thick foundations. This may be due to geography or because the surface is designed to carry heavier loads, such as footpaths that are subject to heavy use or access roads with heavy vehicle traffic. This is also reflected in the variety of weights this product can bear, from 12 tonnes when installed under paving to up to 25 tonnes when installed under concrete.

How does Bielbet High Slot Drain work?

Unlike most other drainage channels, the Bielbet High Slot Drain uses a thin slot drain on top of an upstand rather than a traditional grate. This allows the product to have a very small profile, which can be useful if there are space restrictions or if a recessed drain is preferred for aesthetic reasons. Despite this, the plastic drainage channel has an impressive flow rate, and is easy to keep free of dirt and debris. This product is constructed from high quality plastic that is tough and durable, which means it requires very little maintenance and won’t warp or rot due to bad weather. If maintenance is required, this product is easily accessed by two securing bolts on the top.

What is Bielbet High Slot Drain used for?

The Bielbet High Slot Drain has many applications, and can easily be used in residential, commercial or industrial settings, or even for garden and landscaping. Its low profile makes it particularly suited for residential use, where it can be used to drain pathways and drives while being unobtrusive. As well as this, the ability to bury the majority of the structure below paving and concrete means it can bear heavier weights, so it’s also perfect for commercial or industrial use where there is a need for cars and industrial vehicles to drive above it. In this way it can be used in car parks, good yards or even on roads and access ways.

Measuring & Installing Bielbet High Slot Drain

Thanks to its high grade plastic construction the Bielbet High Slot Drain is extremely light, meaning it can easily be carried and fitted by a small number of people. It simply clicks together, eliminating the need for fiddly welding or fixatives like glue, and can easily be incorporated into wider systems using other products in the same range.

Other Products in the Bielbet HighSlot Drain Range

Other products in the same range available from Drainage Channel include the Bielbet Slot Drain, the Bielbet Low Profile Drainage Channel, the Bielbet Stainless Steel Drainage Channel and the Bielbet Yard Drain Unit.

Buy Bielbet High Slot Drain Online UK

If you’re looking for a low profile but highly effective drainage channel, the Bielbet High Slot Drain is an excellent choice that is easy to fit while being easy to maintain. It’s also great for use in a variety of settings thanks to its flexible design.

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