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Square Shower Drains

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Square Stainless Steel Shower Drain Tile Insert

Square Stainless Steel Shower Drain Tile Insert£34.26 ex. VAT£41.11 inc. VAT

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What is Square Shower Drains

Square Shower Drains are a type of linear shower drain that is commonly used in situations in which a more common plughole drain would be inadequate, such as in high powered showers or communal showers common to domestic and commercial environments. The square shape of this drain creates a large surface area over which the water can drain, allowing for a much higher flow rate than a traditional plug hole design. Constructed from a combination of high quality plastic an excellent stainless steel, this product is designed to be extremely durable and strong while also being light and easy to use. It won’t rot, warp or bend even after years of regular use in challenging environments, making this a very reliable solution.

How does Square Shower Drains work?

This product is designed to be used in tiled showers, rather than showers with a plastic tray, and the Square Shower Drain is buried beneath the surface with just the grate remaining flush with ground level. This product uses a tile insert as a grate, allowing a tile that matches the surroundings to be added in the centre, creating a very discreet finish with a square slot drain surrounding it. This allows for the same high performance but with a much less visible and more aesthetically pleasing result. The grate is designed to prevent debris such as hair and soap scum from getting caught in the drain and blocking it, while this product also has an inbuilt trap and strainer to add a further layer of protection against blockages and bad smells getting into the shower.

What is Square Shower Drains used for?

A typical use case for the Square Shower Drains is in a domestic setting with a particularly high water flow, such as a deluge shower or a wet room, in which a typical plug hole drain might not be able to cope. This could lead to flooding and standing water, presenting a danger to people and property. The Square Shower Drains are able to drain over a larger surface area, greatly increasing the flow rate and able to handle even high volume situations. Similar benefits apply to commercial settings such as offices and gyms, in which cubicled communal showers are common, with several showers sharing the same drains. In this context the Square Shower Drains are able to handle both the shower above and the runoff from other showers with ease.

Measuring & Installing Square Shower Drains

Square Shower Drains are extremely easy and quick to install, being more compact than other types of shower drain as well as made from light and high-quality plastic. They can easily be installed very quickly by one person, making them cost effective to use.

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Buy Square Shower Drains Online UK

Light, easy to fit and extremely high quality – Square Shower Drains are an excellent choice when it comes to fitting a high performance solution for any shower or wet room project, available direct from Drainage Channel.

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