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A15 Polymer Channel x 1m Galvanised Grate B125 Polymer Channel x 1m Cast Iron Grate
A15 - Commercial Gravel Top Drainage Channel A15 - 1.5 Tonne Drainage Channel B125 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel C250 - 25 Tonne Drainage Channel
One Piece Multi-Slot Channel Drain x 0.5m
D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel E600 - 60 Tonne Drainage Channel F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel Bielbet One Piece Multi-Slot


Polymer Concrete Channel Drainage UK

The Polymer Concrete Channel is a range comprising several different types of plastic drainage channel, all with different purposes, giving you a range of options you can use to complete all kinds of different drainage projects. Constructed from high quality plastic polymers, every product in the range is extremely tough and durable, while also easy to use and virtually maintenance free, making it an extremely cost effective option in terms of labour and maintenance long term. There is also a number of different weight classes available in this range, so you can choose whatever you need from light pedestrian use all the way up to use in airports and ferry terminals. Another excellent feature of this range is the number of accessories and extra parts that are available for it, giving you lots of flexibility and the ability to adapt your system to get whatever you need from it.

How does Polymer Concrete Channel work?

The Polymer Concrete Channel works like other plastic drainage channels, capturing water in a place where standing water is a problem – such as on an area of hard standing or beneath an outflow – and carrying it to a water management system so it can be safely disposed of. The installation of this product depends on the weight capacity that you choose, and while some of the products such as the A15 version can be buried in any type of substrate from gravel to earth and concrete, the higher weight classes such as the E600 and F900 need to be laid in a concrete channel to ensure maximum effectiveness. As well as the benefits that each product brings to the table, you can also count on an excellent range of accessories such as outlets and end caps to ensure that you have lots of options when it comes to creating the perfect drainage system.

What is Polymer Concrete Channel used for?

The Polymer Concrete Channel is exceptional for the versatility of its range, with each weight class offering different benefits depending on where it is used. The A15 variant of this product also features a high quality commercial gravel top, which is perfect for scenarios in which the product needs to blend in with its surroundings. This works best in gravel environments such as car parks or driveways, but works equally well in goods yards or access roads that use gravel. The C250 variant is able to carry more weight and uses a black cast iron grate instead of the gravel top. This product can carry up to 25 tonnes of spread load, making it a great option for use around light vehicles such as cars and vans. Examples of possible use cases include car parks, roads, busy driveways and goods yards that have regular vehicle traffic. The D400 variant is able to carry as much as 40 tonnes spread load, giving you even more carrying capacity that allows this product to carry even larger heavy goods vehicles as well as heavy light vehicle traffic. A common customer for this product is local authorities who use it in commercial road and amenity building projects, but it can also be used in large commercial and industrial sites such as factories, distribution centres and warehouses that have regular heavy goods traffic. The E600 variant is able to carry as much as 60 tonnes spread load, making it suitable for heavy industrial use. This product can manage regular use by the heaviest road vehicles, making it perfect for use in heavy industrial environments where there is regular plant traffic across site. Areas such as building sites, mines and quarries, factories, plants and assemblies and many other similar locations can benefit from the use of this product, allowing for reliable drainage without damage. The heaviest duty variant, the F900, can manage a massive 90 tons of spread load – making it the only option for the most demanding environments such as airports, motorways and ferry ports. This product is designed to withstand constant traffic from a variety of heavy and plant machinery such as large HGVs, large trucks and plant equipment as well as car transporters and containers.

Measuring & Installing Polymer Concrete Channel

Despite their capabilities, every product in the Polymer Concrete Channel range is relatively light for their performance level and can be installed quickly and easily with the minimum of labour, without messy fixatives such as glue or welding.

Other Products in the Polymer Concrete Channel Range

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The Polymer Concrete Channel is a true one stop shop for your heavy duty plastic drainage channel needs, with all products available on Drainage Channel. Made from high quality plastic with excellent survivability and extremely low maintenance, this range is ideal for all your heavy duty needs.