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Nicoll Courtyard Gully

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Courtyard Gully - 110mm Outlet

Courtyard Gully - 110mm Outlet£48.20 ex. VAT£57.84 inc. VAT

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What is Nicoll Courtyard Gully

The Nicoll Courtyard Gully s a type of gully, a plumbing part that is designed to catch standing water or water from an outflow and carry it down to the rest of the network. It is then usually carried away to be disposed of in a drain or water storage system. The Nicoll Courtyard Gully is made from high quality plastic, making it extremely tough and durable whilst also being lightweight and easy to use. This has the added benefit of being easy to clean and maintain, as it can simply be wiped clean or disassembled for more serious attention. This product won’t rot or warp, making it very reliable even after continuous use in difficult conditions.

How does Nicoll Courtyard Gully work?

As with most gullies, the Nicoll Courtyard Gully is designed to be incorporated into a larger drainage system to help accomplish the goal at hand – whether that’s to catch water from a downpipe fed by guttering, collect storm water in a garden or courtyard, or to serve as an outflow for a plastic drainage channel that is itself draining water from elsewhere on the site. Its simple but effective design allows it to capture a large volume of water at a high flow rate, so that the area you’re draining doesn’t flood. It is also equipped with a grate over the mouth of the gully which prevents debris such as sticks and leaves from getting caught in the gully and blocking your system.

What is Nicoll Courtyard Gully used for?

The Nicoll Courtyard Gully, as the name implies, tends to be used as a general purpose gully for collecting water in an area of hard standing such as a courtyard or patio. It can fill this role either as a drain, where an angled surface is used to funnel water towards it, or as a means of draining surface water on level ground. This product is most commonly used in domestic applications such as individual homes or housing developments due to its lightweight and easy to fit design, but it can equally be used in similar situations in commercial or even industrial settings. It also works well in gardens and landscaped areas, where it can be used to drain things like flower beds and paths.

Measuring & Installing Nicoll Courtyard Gully

It’s extremely easy to install the Nicoll Courtyard Gully thanks to its lightweight design, and it can easily be attached to any number of different parts in order to integrate it with the rest of the system. The most important part of fitting this product is creating an appropriate hole for it, and being aware of buried services before you do.

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Buy Nicoll Courtyard Gully Online UK

The Nicoll Courtyard Gully is a straightforward and easy to use product that also performs very effectively, even in difficult conditions. Easy to fit, maintain and use, this product won’t let you down and is highly reliable thanks to its high quality construction.

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