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NDS Micro Channel 32mm

What is NDS Micro Channel 32mm

The NDS Micro Channel 32mm is one of the smallest plastic drainage channels available, allowing you to bring drainage to even the most difficult to reach and narrowest parts of your project, while still offering high performance and great cost effectiveness. Made from high quality plastic, it is specially constructed to be both light and strong, with its exceptional durability meaning that it won’t rot or warp in bad weather or after prolonged use. This product also comes as part of an excellent range of various other parts that allow you to add angles, outlets and other features to your system – greatly expanding the potential uses your channel has.

How does NDS Micro Channel 32mm work?

The NDS Micro Channel 32mm is designed to sit flush with the surface you’re looking to drain, with just the recessed grate remaining level with the ground. This recession allows even more water to flow into the channel, increasing the rate of drainage, while the grate itself helps to keep out debris such as leaves and twigs that might block the system. The water is then carried to another system, such as a sluice or gully for disposal. The NDS Micro Channel 32mm also has a range of other parts and accessories available, including a variety of angles and junctions. Using connectors, these parts can be joined together to create networks of any size, allowing you to drain the area regardless of its size and shape.

What is NDS Micro Channel 32mm used for?

The NDS Micro Channel 32mm’s small size makes it perfect for many domestic uses in residential properties, most notably to help drain smaller areas like patios and pool sides as well as garden borders and paths. However, it is also suited to this same role in commercial and industrial developments, and can also be used in landscaping and gardening too. Thanks to its high quality plastic construction it is light and strong, making it extremely reliable and cost effective to use, while its water catching recessed design makes it high performance too. It’s also great for draining hard to reach areas too narrow for larger channels, thanks to its thin shape.

Measuring & Installing NDS Micro Channel 32mm

This product is extremely thin, making it a very lightweight unit to use, so it’s possible to deploy the NDS Micro Channel 32mm just about anywhere you need it – even in areas where other channels wouldn’t fit. This fact, combined with its easy to use slot together connector system, means you can quickly and easily build yourself a network that can accomplish whatever job you need of it. This also makes it really cost effective, because it’s quick to do and labour costs can be kept to a minimum.

Products in the NDS Micro Channel 32mm Range

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Buy NDS Micro Channel 32mm Online UK

If you have a small space that needs to be drained, and you’re looking for a reliable and cost effective way to do it, then the NDS Micro Channel 32mm is a great option. Browse this and other products at Drainage Channel today!

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