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Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel

• Length: 1 metre.
• External Width: 120mm.
• External Depth: 130mm.
• Colour: Black.
• More channels can be clicked together to form a longer length.
• Constructed from strong polypropylene.
• Made in the UK.

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Aquaflow Channel Drain x 1m KCD5T

Aquaflow Channel Drain x 1m KCD5T£6.46 ex. VAT£7.75 inc. VAT

Aquaflow Channel Drain x 1m  Galvanised Grate A15

Aquaflow Channel Drain x 1m Galvanised Grate A15£8.21 ex. VAT£9.85 inc. VAT

Aquaflow 4 way Connector KCD90

Aquaflow 4 way Connector KCD90£9.69 ex. VAT£11.63 inc. VAT

Aquaflow End Cap KCDSE5T

Aquaflow End Cap KCDSE5T£3.41 ex. VAT£4.09 inc. VAT

Aquaflow Inline Outlet to 110mm KCDOUTLET

Aquaflow Inline Outlet to 110mm KCDOUTLET£3.41 ex. VAT£4.09 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

What is Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel

The Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel is a plastic drainage channel designed to quickly and safely move water from one place to another, usually to help drain a specific area such as a courtyard, path, drive or area of landscaped garden. This product is made from high quality plastic which is tough and durable, while also being very light and easy to use, so it can be installed quickly and efficiently with the minimum of labour, making it very cost effective. It also comes in a range alongside a variety of other parts and accessories that can be used to add to the existing system, making it very easy to create exactly the drainage system that you need.

How does Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel work?

Available from Drainage Channel, the Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel is designed to be buried with only the grate showing above the surface, which allows water to be filtered before it is carried away to a different water management system. The grate is necessary to filter out the debris such as sticks, leaves and other large objects that might block the channels and cause damage. Alongside this, it is possible to customise your drainage channel with extra parts such as end caps, galvanised steel grates, 4 way connectors and outlet adaptors so that you can have exactly what you need to create the perfect system for your needs.

What is Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel used for?

Designed with heavy duty, high quality plastic the Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel is excellent for a variety of different applications such as for residential, commercial or industrial use. The Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel is typically used to drain areas such as paths, driveways, gardens, entrance ways and courtyards, preventing standing water from building up in a way that might cause danger or damage. The product is rated to A15 standard, meaning that it can carry up to 1.5 tonnes, making it suitable for heavy pedestrian use and perfect for any area of high foot traffic.

Measuring & Installing Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel

One of the major advantages of the Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel is that it is extremely easy to install and fit thanks to its lightweight design, meaning that it can be installed with the minimum of labour. It is also designed with an innovative snap-fit system, allowing long lengths of drainage channel to be added together into one system, and combined with the accessories also available in the same range it can create whatever you need to get the job done.

Other Products in the Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel Range

Alongside the Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel there are a variety of other products available in the Drainage Channel range, including the Polymer Concrete Channel. For this and other high quality drainage solutions, take a look at the rest of our site!

Buy Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel Online UK

For a light, easy to use and high quality plastic drainage channel that performs well and is easy to maintain, the Kalsi Aquaflow Drainage Channel is an excellent choice. Thanks to its flexibility and the other options available in the same range, it is perfect for a grate variety of different applications.

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