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B125 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel

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B125 Polymer Channel x 1m Cast Iron Grate

B125 Polymer Channel x 1m Cast Iron Grate£49.17 ex. VAT£59.00 inc. VAT

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What is B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel

The B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel is a type of polymer concrete channel, stocked by Drainage Channel, that also features an attractive cast iron grate. This feature makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial developments alike, where aesthetics are most important. The high quality plastic polymer channel is extremely strong and durable, and can keep performing at a high level even when used continuously and subjected to harsh conditions. This means it won’t rust, rot, warp or bend like other channels, making it a very reliable choice, while its easy clean finish makes it very low maintenance too.

How does B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel work?

The B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel is designed to carry water from one place to another by taking it into its channel through the grate, then carrying it through the drainage system until it is deposited in a water management system. This can mean a drain, gully or sluice, from which it can be disposed of safely without causing flooding or damage. This product is usually used in areas with a standing water problem, such as areas of hard standing like patios, courtyards and car parks. The B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel can be buried in a variety of substrates including earth, gravel and concrete, making it a very versatile option, while the grate is used to filter out debris that might cause a blockage.

What is B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel used for?

This product is designed to carry spread weights of up to 12.5 tonnes, making it suitable for carrying light vehicles such as cars and vans in light traffic environments such as driveways, small car parks and access roads. This makes it a very popular choice for the commercial sector where it can serve in this capacity in offices, shops and other types of commercial premises such as garden centres, stack yards and showrooms. These same qualities also make this product a good choice for residential properties or large vehicles, where they serve well on driveways, on garage thresholds and in landscaped areas such as gardens.

Measuring & Installing B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel

Another of the B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel’s best features is the lightweight yet strong construction which allows this product to be extremely durable and strong while also being light and easy to fit. It can be lifted and installed by just one person, making it very cost effective from a labour perspective too, while its easy clean design makes it low maintenance and easy to look after.

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Buy B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel Online UK

The B125 - 12.5 Tonne Drainage Channel is a great option for anyone looking to fit a high quality standing water drainage system in a low traffic environment, and thanks to its cast iron grate it will look the part in any type of development.

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