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Bielbet Drainage Channel C250

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C250 Drainage Channel x 1m Cast Iron Grate

C250 Drainage Channel x 1m Cast Iron Grate£44.15 ex. VAT£52.98 inc. VAT

C250 Drainage Channel x 1m Galvanised Steel Grate

C250 Drainage Channel x 1m Galvanised Steel Grate£41.40 ex. VAT£49.68 inc. VAT

Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm

Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm£3.50 ex. VAT£4.20 inc. VAT

Debris/Odour Trap

Debris/Odour Trap£6.95 ex. VAT£8.34 inc. VAT

Drainage Channel End Cap

Drainage Channel End Cap£2.50 ex. VAT£3.00 inc. VAT

Inline Outlet to 110mm Pipe

Inline Outlet to 110mm Pipe£2.80 ex. VAT£3.36 inc. VAT

Sump Unit for DC950C Cast Iron C250 Grate

Sump Unit for DC950C Cast Iron C250 Grate£41.10 ex. VAT£49.32 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items

What is Beilbet Drainage Channel C250

The Beilbet Drainage Channel C250, available from Drainage Channel, is a heavy duty plastic drainage channel designed for use in high traffic areas such as roads, car parks, goods yards and crossings. Made from high quality and durable plastic, and with a choice of other types of grille, this product has the strength and resilience to stand up to long term and repeated use even in bad weather and tough conditions. Designed to carry water away from areas where standing water could be damaging or dangerous, the grille lies flush with the surface to be as unobtrusive as possible while also being highly effective.

How does Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 work?

The Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 is designed to be buried in all types of surfaces, from concrete and tarmac to earth and gravel, meaning that it is an exceptionally versatile product. It is suitable for use in many different applications too, including residential and commercial as well as industrial. It is made from high grade plastic that is resistant to weather and extremely tough while being easy to maintain, so it won’t warp or rot after long term exposure to water, making it a very cost-effective choice for any build.

What is Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 used for?

The Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 is so versatile that it has a wide range of applications, and can be used in projects of all types from residential and landscaping to commercial and industrial. As it is particularly strong, with a spread weight limit of 25 tonnes, the Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 can withstand regular vehicle traffic from small cars and vans as well as heavier goods vehicles. This means it can be used in places where lower grade products can’t, such as industrial sites like quarries and factories. It’s perfect for preventing a car park or area of hard standing from flooding, stopping access roads from getting clogged with water and flooding from damaging equipment.

Measuring & Installing Beilbet Drainage Channel C250

It’s extremely easy to install the Beilbet Drainage Channel C250, and it is specially designed to be as light and usable as possible to save you time and money on the installation. The easy to use clip-together system means that you can create lengths of drainage channel as long as necessary without a fuss, without welding or glue.

Other Products in the Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 Range

As well as the Beilbet Drainage Channel C250, other products available in this range include: The Beilbet Drainage Channel A15, Beilbet Low Profile Drainage Channel and Beilbet Drainage Channel B125.

Buy Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 Online UK

If you’re looking for a drainage solution for your site, but you need an option that’s a little tougher than the rest, the Beilbet Drainage Channel C250 is your perfect choice. Heavy duty, tough and flexible it’s a great balance between performance and ease of use that makes it both highly useable and cost effective, perfect for any busy site.

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