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Dakota Catch Basin

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300mm x 300mm Catch Basin

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin£9.50 ex. VAT£11.40 inc. VAT

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin Cover

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin Cover£7.76 ex. VAT£9.31 inc. VAT

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin Grating

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin Grating£7.76 ex. VAT£9.31 inc. VAT

300mm x 300mm Grating/Cover Frame

300mm x 300mm Grating/Cover Frame£4.52 ex. VAT£5.42 inc. VAT

Please note that DC833G is only required when using either the grate or cover independently from the catch basin.


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

What is Dakota Catch Basin

The Dakota Catch Basin is a product designed to allow other plumbing parts, such as a plastic drainage channel, to connect to a sunken drain as a central location for collecting water before it is taken to another location, such as a gully or sluice. Constructed from high quality plastic, this product is tough and hard wearing enough to withstand even harsh weather conditions and long term use without losing performance, while it won’t rot or warp over time, making it easy to clean and maintain. Another benefit of this product range is that there are lots of accessory options, so you can easily add extra tools to your Dakota Catch Basin if needed.

How does Dakota Catch Basin work?

The Dakota Catch Basin is a below ground drain that serves as a central hub for a section of a drainage network, collecting standing water in a location and sending it somewhere else. This product is designed to be largely buried beneath a variety of surfaces including earth, paving and concrete. The grate at the top of the product sits flush with the ground, taking in standing water and preventing it from pooling and forming puddles or flooding. The grate also serves to prevent debris from falling into the Dakota Catch Basin and blocking the drainage network, keeping your system safe. This product has several sizes of cut-away panels on each side so that you can attach a variety of pipe diameters, or other products, depending on your needs.

What is Dakota Catch Basin used for?

This product is extremely flexible, and can be used in a variety of locations and conditions. For light use in low traffic pedestrian areas such as residential applications, gardens and commercial areas there are two choices of grate for your needs: the closed grate offers greater protection from debris at the cost of lesser water flow, while the open grate offers a higher flow rate but less protection from blockages. Whichever you choose, it is perfect for draining all types of areas of hard standing such as patios, paths and walkways, gardens and courtyards. The more heavy duty cast iron grate is also available, with a maximum weight limit of 25 tonnes, making it suitable for use with heavy foot traffic as well as vehicles like cars, vans and even light goods vehicles.

Measuring & Installing Dakota Catch Basin

The Dakota Catch Basin is extremely easy to install, simply slotting into a hole and connecting easily with the rest of the system thanks to its cut out connecting areas. It’s also very light, so can be installed by an individual with ease.

Other Products in the Dakota Catch Basin Range

A well as this product, you can also buy the Dakota 150 Drainage Channel and Dakota Taurus 200 Drainage Channel from Drainage Channel.

Buy Dakota Catch Basin Online UK

For an extremely simple and easy to use way of draining areas of hard standing or grass on your project, the Dakota Catch Basin is a great choice. Take a look at this, and our useful selection of accessories, today.

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