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Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel

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25 Tonne Ductile Iron Grate Channel Drain x 1m CD 437

25 Tonne Ductile Iron Grate Channel Drain x 1m CD 437£47.66 ex. VAT£57.19 inc. VAT

Debris/Leaf Trap

Debris/Leaf Trap£1.95 ex. VAT£2.34 inc. VAT

Drainage Channel Outlet Cap/End Cap (pair)

Drainage Channel Outlet Cap/End Cap (pair)£5.50 ex. VAT£6.60 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

What is Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel

The Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel is a heavy duty plastic drainage channel that is designed to be used in high traffic environments, whether that is pedestrian or vehicle traffic, while still exhibiting high levels of performance. Made from a combination of polypropylene and ductile iron, this product is extremely tough and durable thanks to its high quality construction, meaning it won’t rot or warp in bad weather or after regular use, making it a great choice for challenging environments. It’s also light, easy to fit and extremely adaptable, making it super easy to use and fit.

How does Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel work?

The Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel is available from Drainage Channel, and is designed to carry water from a location on your site to a water management system such as a drain, gully or grey water storage system. It is designed to be mostly buried under a surface, with just the ductile iron grate remaining flush with the ground, allowing it to take in water. The grate then helps to filter out debris and other objects, preventing them from entering the system and causing blockages. It’s also possible to connect your Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel to other products in the range, such as extra leaf traps or end caps, to make your product even more effective for the situation.

What is Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel used for?

Thanks to its heavyweight and high quality design, the Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel is perfect for use in high traffic environments. Its maximum spread weight is 25 tonnes, meaning it can be used with frequency by cars, vans and even light commercial vehicles, making it ideal for use on industrial and commercial sites. It’s also suitable for residential use as well as for landscaping, where its design means it can handle frequent foot traffic with ease. Examples of use cases include draining driveways in residential developments, keeping car parks puddle free in commercial sites and removing standing water on access roads on industrial developments.

Measuring & Installing Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel

One of the biggest advantages of choosing the Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel is that it is extremely flexible and easy to use despite its load capacity, thanks to its strong but lightweight plastic construction. It is very easy to clip this product toothers of the same type, or any one of the other products in the range, while the ductile iron grate simply bolts on. This means it can be fitted quickly and easily with minimal manpower, making it a very cost effective choice.

Other Products in the Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel Range

Other products in the range include the Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel and Clark-Drain B125 Drainage Channel.

Buy Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel Online UK

If you’re looking for a heavy duty option when it comes to choosing your surface water drainage solution, then the Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel is a great choice. Tough, easy to maintain and easy to fit, it’s simple to use and high performance enough to handle even the most difficult conditions.

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