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Linear Shower Drains

Leaf Design Shower Drain 600mm Tile Inset Shower Drain 500mm Long Laser Cut Square Shower Drain 500mm Long  

Stainless Steel Shower Drain Plastic Body

Tile Inset Linear Shower Drains Square Laser Cut Linear Shower Drains  
Square Stainless Steel Shower Drain Tile Insert Laser Cut Wave Shower Drain 600mm Long    
Square Shower Drains Wave Laser Cut Linear Shower Drains    

Linear shower drains are a drainage product designed to collect water from the bottom of the shower tray and convey it into the waste water sewage system, usually via a strainer or trap to remove debris such as hair and soap accumulations. The traditional method of shower drainage via a single plug hole can lead to problems with drainage due to an insufficiently large drainage area, which can cause flooding and the building of water in the base of the shower. This is particularly true with exceptionally powerful showers or in communal showers with multiple shower heads, where traditional drainage solutions may get overwhelmed. There are various different kinds of linear shower drain, with the two types featured in this product section being the Square Laser Cut Linear Shower Drains and the Tile Insert Linear Shower Drains. The primary difference between these is the type of grate used in each, with the first using a laser cut metal grate and the second using a tile that matches the existing, with a slot around the outside to take in water.

How does Linear Shower Drains work?

The concept of Linear shower drains is similar to that of other types of drainage channel, in that the linear shower drain is designed to catch the water in the shower and take it into the drainage system via a strainer or trap to further filter out debris and bad smells. These products are designed to be used in a tiled shower, without a plastic or concrete shower tray, and are generally placed in a channel with only the grate flush with the surface. All of our Linear shower drains products are constructed from high quality plastic which is designed to be able to withstand constant use in challenging conditions without warping, rusting or bending under pressure. This applies both to the plastic construction of the body, and the metal construction of the grate where applicable. The two types of linear shower drain work similarly, except that the Square Laser Cut Linear Shower Drains have their own stainless steel grate, while the Tile Insert Linear Shower Drains use an inserted tile that matches the tiles used elsewhere in the project. Both methods have their own advantages, and while the first method allows you to make the drain a feature in and of itself with a high quality laser cut design, the second method is less obtrusive and allows you to easily blend the drain into the surrounding construction.

What is Linear Shower Drains used for?

One of the most common uses of linear shower drains is in communal shower areas that share one large floor space, with or without cubicles. In this setting a linear shower drain has a very large flow capacity compared with a traditional plug hole, allowing it to cope with both the water from the shower above it and flowing water from other showers in the vicinity. They can also be used in wet rooms and deluge showers that have a higher than usual flow rate which would overwhelm a typical plug hole, allowing for safe drainage without the danger of flooding that could damage other fittings in the room. As well as these features already mentioned, both types of linear shower drain come with a host of additional features such as adjustable feet that allow you to match the height and angle of the floor the drain is being used in, a trap and strainer to deal with bad smells and shower debris, a universal coupling to make it easier to join this product with others, and a sealing membrane to help prevent leaks.

Measuring & Installing Linear Shower Drains

These linear shower drain products are available in a range of sizes from 500mm to 900mm long, allowing you to easily size your drain in proportion to the needs of the room you’re draining. They are also both extremely easy to fit thanks to their no-fuss fitting system that doesn’t require fiddly glue or welding. They are also extremely light and easy to use, and can be quickly and smoothly installed by just one person if necessary, making them very simple and cost effective products to use. The universal fitting in particular is an excellent feature, and allows for quick and easy installation into a new or existing drainage system.

Linear Shower Drains Range

Here at the Drainage Channel, we are proud to have a great range of linear shower drains for both personal and commercial use. Some of our most popular ranges include; Stainless Steel Shower Drain Plastic BodyWave Laser Cut Linear Shower Drains and Square Shower Drains.

Buy Linear Shower Drains Online UK

It couldn’t be easier to use the Linear shower drains systems available at Drainage Channel, making them extremely cost effective for projects of all kinds. With a strong, hard wearing construction that is also light weight and easy to use, you can fit reliable and efficient drainage systems in no time. There’s also a lot of choice when it comes to the look and practicalities of your choice, so you’ll easily be able to find what you need.

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