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DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm

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DekDrain Edge Drainage Channel x 1m

DekDrain Edge Drainage Channel x 1m£12.27 ex. VAT£14.72 inc. VAT

DekDrain Edge Corner Quad

DekDrain Edge Corner Quad£12.00 ex. VAT£14.40 inc. VAT

DekDrain Edge Accessory Bag

DekDrain Edge Accessory Bag£4.17 ex. VAT£5.00 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

What is DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm

DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm is a type of specialist plastic drainage channel used to drain areas where space is limited, especially along narrow areas like paths and entranceways. Constructed from high quality and strong plastic, this product is designed to perform well in all conditions without rotting or warping despite continuous use, making this an extremely reliable and cost effective choice. Thanks for its innovative design it can ensure maximum water flow while having an extremely narrow drainage slot, making it both effective and low profile so that it looks the part aesthetically as well.

How does DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm work?

The DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm works by draining areas of standing water from one place to another, gathering water through its drainage slot and conveying it down the drainage channel to another water management system such as a drain or grey water collection tank. This product is designed to have an extremely small profile, making it very discreet while also able to fit into very small spaces, so that it can be used to drain areas that other channels can’t. It also means that it can fit in aesthetically in formal areas while still draining those areas effectively.

What is DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm used for?

The DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm is most effectively used to drain areas for which other drainage channels would be too wide such as narrow passageways, paths and entrance ways. This makes it a versatile and effective product, which can be used in a wide range of scenarios including residential, commercial and industrial projects. Whether you’re keeping a pathway free from puddles, stopping standing water in a shop doorway or draining a garden or landscaped area, there are all kinds of applications for the DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm. It is also rated A15, meaning that it can support a spread weight of 1.5 tonnes, perfect for high traffic pedestrian areas.

Measuring & Installing DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm

The DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm is extremely lightweight and easy to manage, making it very easy and cheap to install with very little effort. Thanks to its snap-fit design it’s easy to install, without using any fiddly fixatives like welding or glue, while the variety of accessories also available in the same range make it adaptable enough to be easily integrated into existing plumbing systems or entirely new ones. The DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm is also equipped with a non-rusting polished aluminium edge, adding strength to the lip of the drain while also adding an aesthetic touch.

Other Products in the DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm Range

As well as the DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm, there is also the Polymer Concrete Channel available in the same range. All can be found on Drainage Channel, at excellent prices.

Buy DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm Online UK

The DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm is an excellent choice for a variety of applications, particularly in small or enclosed spaces where larger channels don’t fit. It is also extremely high quality and easy to fit, making it a cost effective choice in the long term.

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