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Clark-Drain Drainage Channel

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Channel Drain x 1m Mesh Grate CD 422/96

Channel Drain x 1m Mesh Grate CD 422/96£6.40 ex. VAT£7.68 inc. VAT

Channel Drain x 1m Galvanised Grid CD 425/96

Channel Drain x 1m Galvanised Grid CD 425/96£8.60 ex. VAT£10.32 inc. VAT

Debris/Leaf Trap

Debris/Leaf Trap£1.95 ex. VAT£2.34 inc. VAT

Drainage Channel Outlet Cap/End Cap (pair)

Drainage Channel Outlet Cap/End Cap (pair)£5.50 ex. VAT£6.60 inc. VAT

Quad Box HDPE Grate CD 406

Quad Box HDPE Grate CD 406£13.08 ex. VAT£15.70 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

What is Clark-Drain Drainage Channel

The Clark-Drain Drainage Channel is a high quality plastic drainage channel designed to be used as part of a wider drainage system to carry water to a gully, drain, grey water storage area or other destination. It is made from durable, strong plastic that is able to withstand even continuous use in harsh conditions without rotting or warping, making it an excellent choice in a variety of scenarios, while its innovative design makes it easy to clean and maintain for a cost-effective choice. Also part of the same range are various other products that can be added to the Clark-Drain Drainage Channel, making it extremely usable and versatile too.

How does Clark-Drain Drainage Channel work?

The Clark-Drain Drainage Channel is designed to be buried beneath whatever surface you’re working with, leaving just the grate flush with the ground to allow water ingress. This product is available with a plastic mesh or a galvanised steel grate, which is largely cosmetic as they both have the same weight rating, but this choice can allow you greater freedom to blend this product with other fittings nearby. This grate is designed to allow the maximum water flow while also keeping out any harmful waste or debris, such as twigs or leaves, which could block your system and cause damage.

What is Clark-Drain Drainage Channel used for?

The Clark-Drain Drainage Channel is rated to A15 loading, meaning that it is able to carry a maximum of 1.5 tonnes. This makes it a good choice for foot traffic areas as well as light traffic vehicle areas, such as driveways and garage thresholds. It is also suitable for use in a variety of other settings, such as gardens and landscaped areas as well as commercial settings and light traffic industrial areas. This product can then be connected to other products in the Clark-Drain Drainage Channel, or other drainage systems entirely to ensure that any waste water is taken to the appropriate location where it can’t cause damage or danger. Whether you need a driveway drained, a car park free of puddles or a garden border dried out – it’s an excellent choice.

Measuring & Installing Clark-Drain Drainage Channel

The Clark-Drain Drainage Channel is also easy to install. Thanks to its lightweight but strong construction, this product can easily be moved and fitted by the minimum number of people, making it a cost-effective choice from an installation perspective. It also snap-fits together, meaning you can avoid using fiddly solutions like welding or fixatives like glue.

Other Products in the Clark-Drain Drainage Channel Range

Alongside the Clark-Drain Drainage Channel, you can also find in the Drainage Channel range the Clark-Drain Shallow Drainage Channel, the Clark-Drain B125 Drainage Channel and the Clark-Drain C250 Drainage Channel.

Buy Clark-Drain Drainage Channel Online UK

The Clark-Drain Drainage Channel is an ideal solution for keeping light traffic areas drained with the minimum of effort and fuss. Thanks to its lightweight design and easy snap-fit technology you can create new drainage channels in seconds, and thanks to its high quality construction it can perform to a high level no matter the conditions.

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