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F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel

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F900 Channel Heelguard D/I Grate x 1m

F900 Channel Heelguard D/I Grate x 1m£67.93 ex. VAT£81.52 inc. VAT

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What is F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel

The F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel is a concrete drainage channel, stocked by Drainage Channel, designed to deal with troublesome standing water by carrying it away to a different location such as a water management system, typically a sluice, drain or gully, for safe disposal. Constructed from a high quality concrete polymer, this product is designed to be strong and durable enough to cope with a high weight threshold as well as continuous use and challenging conditions, while still performing to a high standard. This product also comes with a highly functional heelguard grate, whose design can help to significantly reduce the risk of slips and skids.

How does F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel work?

This product is designed to be largely buried under the surface, with just the grate remaining flush with the ground. The F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel can be buried in a variety of substrates including gravel and earth, but for maximum weight performance it is recommended that this product is placed in a pre-made concrete channel that supports it better. The heelguard grate is used to filter out debris from the water as it is drawn into the channel, preventing leaves and sticks and other items from getting caught and causing a blockage. This helps to prevent flooding and other damage to nearby property, and maximises flow performance.

What is F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel used for?

The primary selling point of the F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel is that it can support a large amount of weight, and with a spread load capacity of 90 tonnes this is one of the strongest such products available. As a result, it is typically used where there is a large amount of heavy goods traffic, such as in commercial and industrial settings. This product is able to cope with regular use by heavy goods vehicles as well as heavy plant and other machinery, making it ideal for sites such as distribution centres, supermarkets, airports and ferry terminals, large car and lorry parks, building sites and agricultural properties. In this role it can be used for any purpose from keeping roads and access tracks free of puddles, to draining standing water from large areas of hard standing like runways and car parks.

Measuring & Installing F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel

For its weight class this product is very light, thanks to its advanced concrete polymer construction, meaning it can be installed by a small team of people. This makes it very cost effective from a labour perspective, while the lack of required fixatives or welding makes it a simple job as well.

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Buy F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel Online UK

With its unbeatable carrying capacity and high performance, durable construction the F900 - 90 Tonne Drainage Channel is excellent for applications of all kinds in busy industrial and commercial sites, and has the quality to be sure that it won’t let you down.


  • Airports Loading Bays
  • Industrial Sites
  • Service Stations Service
  • Yards Factories & Warehouses

F900 Channel is also available in the following internal widths:

  • 150mm
  • 200mm
  • 300mm

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