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D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel

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Outlet End Cap£8.73 ex. VAT£10.48 inc. VAT

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Plain End Cap£8.73 ex. VAT£10.48 inc. VAT

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What is D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel

The D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel is a high quality concrete drainage channel, available on Drainage Channel, designed for heavy duty use in challenging environments such as supermarkets, distribution centres, roads and other high traffic areas. Made from hard wearing concrete polymer, this product can continue to perform to a high standard despite continuous use in challenging conditions and won’t rot, warp or rust, making it super reliable. It’s also in a range along with other parts and accessories that can help you make your life much easier when you’re building a drainage network, including silt boxes, outlet end caps and blank end caps.

How does D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel work?

The D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel works to solve problems with standing water by taking in surface water and carrying it away to somewhere it can be safely disposed of, such as a drain or gully. This product feature steel edging for extra reinforcement, and can be buried in a variety of substrates for extra flexibility, such as concrete, earth and gravel. Once buried, the galvanised steel grate remains flush with the surface so that it can take in water while also filtering out debris such as sticks and leaves that might be pulled in and block the channel ,leading to flooding and damage. The D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel’s grate is also heelguard equipped, a standard that limits the potential for slips and skids with its specially designed surface while keeping a high flow rate.

What is D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel used for?

One of the key selling points of the D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel is that it can carry a spread load of up to 40 tonnes, making it suitable for use around moving vehicles from cars and vans to light goods traffic. This is achieved through the use of the robust and sturdy polymer concrete construction of the drainage channel, as well as the steel reinforcement of the grate. This makes it a great choice for commercial and industrial premises such as depots, goods yards, warehouses, car parks and factories, because it can handle the weight of all that traffic while still performing to a high standard.

Measuring & Installing D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel

Thanks to its lightweight concrete polymer construction, the D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel is relatively light for its weight class and can be quickly and easily installed by a small team, making it very cost effective to fit. It’s also simple to attach to the rest of the network, or other parts, without the use of fixatives or welding.

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Buy D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel Online UK

The D400 - 40 Tonne Drainage Channel is a product that carries a lot of weight while still performing above expectations, while it’s also light and easy to use. A great choice for any busy commercial environment.


  • Building entrances
  • Service stations
  • Car parks
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Kerbside drainage
  • Slow moving light commercial vehicles

D400 Channel is also available in the following internal widths:

  • 150mm
  • 200mm
  • 300mm

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