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Bielbet Channel Drainage UK

Bielbet Low Profile Drainage Channel

Bielbet Drainage Channel A15 Bielbet Drainage Channel B125 Bielbet Drainage Channel C250
        Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm
Bielbet Stainless Steel Drainage Channel Bielbet Slot Drain Bielbet High Slot Drain Bielbet Yard Drain Unit
One Piece Multi-Slot Channel Drain x 0.5m      

Bielbet One Piece Multi-Slot


Bielbet is a Poland-based company that sells drainage channel pieces to customers in Europe, including the UK, Czechia, Serbia, and of course, Poland. The products they sell are also available on the Drainage Channel site, offering a variety of their products from slot drains to low profile plastic drainage channel parts.

What Is Bielbet?

Bielbet is a manufacturer specialising in various drainage solutions, catering to a range of applications from residential to industrial settings. Their products include linear dewatering units designed for diverse environments such as residential housing, pedestrian and bicycle pathways, gardens, terraces, garages, parking lots, and even factory sites and petrol stations. The main characteristics of their plastic linear drains, which are made from polypropylene, include a non-soaking surface, smooth texture providing excellent hydraulic properties, high chemical resistance, and an aesthetically pleasing design​. They offer drainage solutions for various applications, including underground drainage.

They offer dewatering units in a variety of load classes, such as A15, B125, and C250, indicating that their products can withstand different weight ranges, making them suitable for a wide array of customer needs, from individual to large developers​. For example, the Bielbet drainage channel A15 is designed to lie flush with the surface, facilitating the quick transfer of water to a management system or storage solution​. The Bielbet Yard Drain Unit is another product tailored to direct water to a central point for redistribution or disposal​.

Who Makes Bielbet Drainage?

All Bielbet drainage solution parts are made in Poland by drainage professionals who aim to create the most high-quality equipment for their consumers. Whether you are looking for Bielbet high slot drains or just a regular Bielbet B125 drainage channel, they create it all.

Bielbet UK Top Sellers

Some of the top selling Bielbet items in the UK include the 1m A15 low profile drainage channel and the C250 1m cast iron grate which are both essential parts of a drainage system if you decide to choose Bielbet UK products for the system. You will find plenty of different options like the Bielbet slot drain options and much more.

Buy Bielbet Products At Drainage Channel

As you now know, Bielbet is one of the top providers of drainage systems and solutions, and we at Drainage Channel sell a variety of their best products to customers around the UK. Bielbet specialise in plastic channel drainage, although they do sell some other materials within their catalogue, too.

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