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Devorex XDrain Products

XDrain 130/80 End Cap & 40mm Inline Outlet Kit XDrain 130/80 B125 Drainage Channel x 1m Galvanised Grate XDrain 130/80 B125 Drainage Channel x 1m Stainless Steel Grate
XDrain A15 Plastic Grating XDrain B125 Galvanised Steel Grating XDrain B125 Stainless Steel Grating
XDrain 130/120 C250 Drainage Channel x 500mm Long Polyamide Grate XDrain 130/80 C250 Drainage Channel x 500mm Long Cast Iron Grate  
XDrain C250 Polyamide Grating XDrain C250 Cast Iron Grating


Devorex is a company that specialises in the development and manufacture of innovative systems and products for various industries. They are known for their expertise in creating solutions for the management of water and environmental challenges. Devorex has gained recognition for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Devorex systems encompass a range of solutions designed to address water-related issues and environmental concerns in both underground drainage applications and systems above the surface. These systems are typically tailored to the specific needs of different industries, including construction, agriculture, and infrastructure development.

What Is Devorex XDrain Drainage?

One of the key aspects of Devorex systems is their focus on sustainable practices. These systems often incorporate environmentally-friendly materials and technologies, helping to reduce the impact on the ecosystem. Devorex is dedicated to providing effective solutions while also considering the long-term effects on the environment. Devorex systems are known for their reliability and durability. They are designed to withstand the challenges posed by different applications, ensuring that they provide efficient and long-lasting solutions. Whether it's managing water flow, preventing erosion, or addressing other environmental concerns, Devorex systems and the plastic channel drainage involved are engineered to meet these demands.

Devorex XDrain Range

Devorex’s main product is a line called XDrain, which we house many products from on the Drainage Channel site. These products include plastic drainage channels, galvanised grates, and other accessory pieces that are required to complete a proper system.

The top sellers from the Devorex collection are, unsurprisingly, the XDrain channel products. These include the likes of the XDrain B125 galvanised drainage channel as well as other the cast iron XDrain drainage channel. The smaller but equally as important products in the range include the XDrain 130/80 end cap and XDrain bottom outlet to 110mm piece.

Buy Devorex XDrain Products At Drainage Channel

On the Drainage Channel site, we offer a range of Devorex system products including the ones mentioned above. You can find all of the parts you need to make a fully functioning and efficient Devorex drainage system.

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