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NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel

NDS 5” Pro Series Deep Profile Channel Drainage is the most durable, feature-rich and easy to install modular drainage system in its class. Channel is made from injection-moulded polypropylene with extended side ribs for increased channel strength and UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking. Slotted grates are HDPE for up to Class B loading. Channels snap end-to-end quickly and easily with robust male-to-female locking clips for long channel runs. Cut guides allow the channel to be shortened by 4-inch increments for smaller interlocking sections. The new side outlets now allow 90-degree, tee and cross configurations to be made in the field without specialty accessories. New strengthened #4 rebar clips along the channel sides allow for quicker and easier installation and increased system strength. Popular applications including driveways, courtyards, pool decks, parking lots, sports facilities and more.

Compatible with the patented NDS Pro Series Qwik-Turn Radius Coupling to allow for curving layouts with up to 6 degrees of deflection between couplings and channels – NDS is the only drainage manufacturer to offer this incredible ability.

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NDS Pro End Cap/Outlet

NDS Pro End Cap/Outlet£2.28 ex. VAT£2.74 inc. VAT

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What is NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel

The NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel is a plastic drainage channel, available from Drainage Channel, which is constructed from high quality plastic for extra strength and durability. This design has been created for high performance, featuring a number of exceptional design choices that make this a particularly flexible and useful product to use in any type of project. With extra reinforcement provided by rebar clips that line this product from end to end, you can guarantee that it will remain sturdy and strong in a way that doesn’t sacrifice its light weight. It also has several side outlets, allowing you to connect this product to the main system in a number of ways.

How does NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel work?

The NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel is designed to be largely buried, with just the grate remaining level with the ground. It can be buried in a variety of substrates depending on the needs of the project, including gravel, concrete and earth. The plastic drainage channel then carries away water from areas of standing water to a water management system such as a drain, sluice or gully. The grate itself is designed to prevent debris from entering the channel and becoming stuck, blocking it and causing damage. It is able to do this while still maintaining a high flow rate, keeping your whole drainage system safe.

What is NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel used for?

Thanks to its extremely versatile design with a host of useful features, the NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel is a product you can use in a variety of different locations and in different settings. It is rated to carry a maximum spread load of 12.5 tonnes, allowing it to handle pedestrian traffic with ease and even small vehicle traffic such as cars, vans and motorcycles. This makes it perfect for driveways and garage entrances in domestic settings, as well as light access roads and car parks in commercial and industrial settings. Thanks to its reinforced structure it is also strong but light and easy to fit, while the accessories that are also available make it a flexible choice too.

Measuring & Installing NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel

One of the most useful features on the NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel is its reinforcement using rebar clips along its length, meaning it gets that bit of extra strength without having to add large amounts of weight. This makes it an exceptionally strong product for its weight, meaning it can be easily lifted and carried by one person and fitted by a minimal team, using its simple snap-fit design.

Other Products in the NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel Range

Alongside this NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel product you can also find NDS Catch Basins, NDS Decorative Drainage Channel A15 and NDS Micro Channel 32mm, all available from Drainage Channel.

Buy NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel Online UK

The NDS Pro Series B125 Drainage Channel combines all the best in flexibility and performance into one package, allowing you to easily create exactly the right system for your needs, at a price and installation cost that won’t break the bank.

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